With LoviTT&Co IDS platform, you don’t have to run an enterprise size network to harness the power of digital signage. With our state of the art displays and incredibly powerful content design and management software, you will move your business to the future of advertising.

Rich Dynamic Content

Supports a wide variety of formats including still images, video, audio and dynamic feeds.

Create Your Own

Design beautiful content with ease using LoviTT&Co intelligent IDS platform.

Self Managed Content

Manage your own content from your unique centralised portal. Schedule and design content and push straight to your screens.

Completely Packaged Units

Plug and play with LoviTT&Co beautifully designed and built display units in multiple sizes.


Comprehensive Scheduling

The flexibility of scheduling content by date, time and location, with content download and insertion fully automate

Completely Packaged Units

Plug and play with LoviTT&Co beautifully custom designed and built display units in the size, style and location that best suits you


Use the power of M-tracking to get in-depth data and gain unique insight into the effectiveness of the audience engagement

Creative Services

With access to best team of animators and creatives which will transform your still content into incredible animated master pieces to increase engagement